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RaceBuddy iRacing Utlities


RaceBuddy Privacy Policy

Quite simply, RaceBuddy needs some information from you to be able to be useful. When you use our RaceBuddy utilities, we use the minimum amount of information to be able to process your request. We don’t use your information to send spam or sell it to 3rd parties.

How does RaceBuddy use your information?

RaceBuddy uses the information you provide to do the following:

  • respond to you with the information you requested
  • help us to improve RaceBuddy
  • help us to resolve issues with RaceBuddy
  • help us to prevent misuse/abuse of RaceBuddy

What information does RaceBuddy share?

Occasionally, we may selectively share your request information with 3rd parties to allow us to fulfil your request or resolve issues with the service.

For example:

  • we may send information to iRacing’s servers so that they can respond with the correct information.
  • in order to resolve issues with the service, we may need to send selected requests to our service providers’ technical support staff (e.g. hosting providers)